Vintage Concrete Pots

Learn how to take your home from blah to bananas. We're dishing on all the ways to bring chic and unique style to your space. Warning: Decorating with Chairish can be addictive. Never miss new arrivals that match exactly what you're looking for! Feeling the need to put down some roots? Vintage planters are an ideal way to add a little green to your style diet. Whether you're on the hunt for a colorful, Mid-Century planter to liven up an entryway credenzaor something a little more regal for a pair of outdoor topiaries we're thinking brassy urnsChairish has a surplus of used planters sure to fit the bill or the plant!

Having trouble deciding between which vintage brass planter you love the most? Our advice? Bring them all home and create a gloriously green vignette on your bar cart! Fill them with succulents of the not-so-prickly variety nothing against prickles, but we feel it best to keep them out of tequila bottle range whenever possibleand layer them onto your cart.

Our best rule of thumb? Keep the majority of your vintage planters clustered on the top level of your cart. This will ensure the plants receive the maximum amount of sunlight and maintain easy access for watering. Feather the rest of your cart with stacks of books, candle holders, and bottles, working in small vignettes as much as possible.

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Favorite Plant to Use: String of Pearls. The multiple levels of a bar cart lend it nicely to a cascading plant like string of pearls. Bonus points: this plant looks inspired in brass. Bathrooms can be notoriously difficult to decorate. Take advantage of plants' love for water and steam by indulging in a whole collection of them in a bathroom.

Cast Stone Planters

Because of the swinging extremes present in bathrooms, look for vintage planters in durable materials like terracotta or ceramic. To keep the feel strictly spa-like, also opt for planters in a similar color scheme whites, ivories, and grays are magicand pair them with feathery-leaf plants like the zebra or spider plant. Favorite Plant to Use: Snake Plant. Pop two topiaries in vintage urn planters and you have an ode to colonial-era charm that rivals a Betsy Ross flag.

While some will argue the look is a bit worn, we think twists like using grand chinoisierie urns or opting for a front door in an unexpected hue like yellow or masala keeps things delightfully fresh.Brand Campania International.

Please contact Customer Care for availability. Garden Planters are a fun way to use containers as a functional and decorative decor in the garden. Choose from multiple styles of garden planters. Garden planters make great gifts!

vintage cement planters

Buy planters in sets and save big! Planters are one of the most basic of garden accessories. Planters can hold real or artificial plants, trees, shrubs, even vegetable or flower gardens can be grown in containers.

Planting in planters is easy -- you have complete control of your soil, unlike planting in the ground. Many plants come already planted in plastic containers, cast stone containers are great because of their size. You can easily take your pre-planted shrub, bush, or plant and place it directly inside of the concrete planter to make for easy moving and caring for. Outdoor Planters made of durable cast stone ensure your outdoor planters will last and look great for years to come. These concrete outdoor planters offer the look of genuine stone at a fraction of the cost of real stone outdoor planters.

Buy an outdoor urn or container to add beauty and grace to any outdoor space. Indoor Planters can be used indoors for real or artificial plants, shrubs, or trees. When using indoor planters will real plants, be sure to protect the floor and surrounding furnishings from the water.

Our cast stone planters come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking to accent your driveway, front door, or even the kitchen, we are sure to have the perfect cast stone pot for your space!

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vintage cement planters

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Newsletter Signup Email Address.They were so heavy that when I returned home, I just dropped them at the side of my driveway. They sat there until this spring when I decided to revamp the side yard that goes the length of my driveway. But this area needed a little sprucing up and I decided to use the planters. This small piece of lawn runs between our driveway, and our neighbors.

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It has several pine trees, and a couple of dogwood trees. An old bench that I bought on Facebook marketplace for Vines and ivy had taken over, and were even growing up the dogwoods. Poison ivy was rampant!. If we had kudzu, it would have found a great home in this mess. After a couple of hours of cleaning out, I was ready to plant. These concrete planters have a hole in the bottom.

Since this strip of yard is shady due to the pines and dogwood trees I chose a hosta plant for one container and a plantain lily for the other. Next, I watered it well. I always water my newly planted plants every day for at least a few days.

Plants in containers should be watered when the first inch or so of soil is dry. In the summer, and especially with this horrible heat we have had, these required watering every other day. I placed one plant in the end of each planter leaving enough room for adding one of my birdhouses to one planter and a vintage bird feeder to the other.

I love adding a little whimsy to the garden, and one of my favorite birdhouses was added to this planter. Blue gives it a pop of color. I have had my St. Francis of Assisi statue for years.

Last fall, the wind blew him over and if you look closely at his waist, you can see the crack.Learn how to take your home from blah to bananas.

vintage cement planters

We're dishing on all the ways to bring chic and unique style to your space. Warning: Decorating with Chairish can be addictive.

Never miss new arrivals that match exactly what you're looking for! Concrete Planters. We've recently updated the Chairish, Inc. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you continue to use these services, you're letting us know that you've read and agree to the changes.

Due to extraordinarily high volume of requests, our responses may be delayed. Thank you for your patience. Decorator's Refuge.

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vintage cement planters

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Creative Concrete Planters

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How to Make a Large Concrete Pot Using Old Clothes and Cement - Fabric Concrete Planters

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