Configuration — FAQ — Troubleshooting. Sway is NOT an X11 window manager! It does not work like one. Please read the documentation carefully when configuring it. All proprietary graphics drivers are unsupported. This includes the Nvidia proprietary driver.

wayland native terminal

The open source Nouveau driver is required instead. This is not going to change, don't ask. Tip: buy your hardware with open source support in mind.

Some login managers support Wayland, and others don't.

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If you have issues starting sway and you use a login manager, your first step should be disabling the login manager and running sway as described by man 1 sway. If it works, report the bug to your login manager, not to sway. You can start sway automatically without a login manager, for example, by adding this to your.

To begin configuring sway, create this directory and copy the default config. Read the default config - it has comments that explain what each option does. Read man 5 sway for more information about each config command. Then use the output command to arrange your displays. Take a note that you might want to change the focus of monitor on sway launch. Add this to your sway config:. AKA Closed Display mode.In this tutorial we will create a snap of a Wayland-native application to act as the graphical user interface for an IoT or kiosk device.

For the introduction to this tutorial series and the Mir display server please visit here. We will walk through the process for a simple application, solving common problems along the way. We use Wayland as the primary display interface. We will use Mir to manage the display and support connections from Wayland clients. Snapd will confine the applications and enable Wayland protocol interactions through Mir, securely.

This is not an exhaustive list.

[Different things] Debian 10 "Buster" serious issues (Wayland)!

There may be other toolkits that can work with Wayland but we know these work with Mir. Native support for Wayland is the simplest case, as the application can talk to Mir directly. If your application does not use the above toolkits, or fails to run with Wayland, fret not!

wayland native terminal

In this tutorial we will describe how to snap Xbased applications. You should see a window pop up - Mir is running in this window Mir-on-X - and if your application supports Wayland, your application should appear inside this window. If your application fails to start, or appears outside the Mir window, it may require X11 after all.

To snap it, follow this guide instead. This is a useful snap for verifying that the graphics stack of your hardware is correctly set up. Following the principle of detecting problems as early as possible we first prove our example works with Mir kiosk before snapping it.

Inside the Mir-on-X window, you should see various graphical animations, and statistics printed to your console.

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All should be fine before proceeding. For our first pass we will snap glmark2-wayland and run it in DevMode i. This guide assumes you are familiar with creating snaps.

If not, please read here first. To prove this, try the following:. This lands us inside a shell which exists inside the same snap environment the glmark2-wayland application will have. If binaries have paths to resources hard-coded in, then in a snap environment it will fail to locate those resources.Enlightenment started out way back in as a project to build a Window Manager for X It has grown much more since then. We still push out releases.

See our download page for more details on this. Visit our contribute page for our latest source code repositories. The project is currently transitioning from X11 to Wayland. We are fully committed to moving to Wayland eventually, as its the future of graphical display layers on Linux. We still primarily support Linux for Enlightenment, but there is some effort based on help and support from users and some developers to support BSD too.

While developing the Window Manager, a set of libraries was also developed. These libraries are known collectively as EFL. They cover a range of functionality from main-loop, to graphics, scene graphs, networking, widgets, data storage, IPC and much more. We now are starting to pull in bindings support directly into EFL. We hope eventually to pull in our Python bindings too, so we can support as many languages as possible and keep them up to date.

We use our libraries not only to make Enlightenment but other applications for day to day use. We make these applications available for free. We have included common features such as a terminal emulatorvideo playeran image viewerand even the makings of an IDE. Native Tizen applications are developed using EFL. This is because we've focused on remaining lean, yet feature-rich. Unlike many traditional toolkits, EFL is based around a scene graph from the ground up.

This allows us to seamlessly switch from software rendering to OpenGL or any other mechanism that can be put in a render engine for Evas the canvas scene graph engine. This also permits layer widgets and objects with alpha channels from the ground up without any special coding tricks. This is by no means a complete list of applications and more are on the way. We may not have started the traditional way, but are building our library over time. Tizen also has a library of its own.

We run as an open source project. People contribute because they like to or because they are paid. We also receive other types of contributions.

Our community files bug reports, as well as simply providing feedback. Other entities also support us.As an i3 user who harbors a non-zero amount of hatred for X11 it's exciting to see sway has nearly! I had the checklist for feature parity with i3 bookmarked so I could check in on it but I've forgotten to look at it recently, so it's nice to have this reminder pop up here!

Looks like i3-gaps support is basically done so I have no excuse not to switch over now. Good work SirCmpwn and everyone else who helped! I've been awaiting sway as well. My big issue has been rotated displays, since I have two vertical monitors that this simply wouldn't work with.

I don't know why they decided to build the proprietary interface if AMDGPU was working so well, maybe 3rd party licensed code? I believe it does have to do with 3rd party licensing.

My big issue is Redshift not working in Wayland yet. Redshift works on sway. I'll give it a try.

Hannah burkhardt (hannah)

It's sort of sad that nvidia does actually support wayland, but only on embedded side. There was one issue one the drivers that I had access to: mmaped memory leaked file descriptors but besides that, performance was better than other hw in similar price range I was provided with. It seems like they do the bare minimum to get it to work. Some things work best with the proprietary drivers, some work best with the open source drivers.

For some reason the Nvidia drivers both only advertised 4K at 30fps, where as on Windows it works out of the box. It hasn't gotten there yet but it will soon! Release canidates are out at the moment as he just released 0. Ooh, so close. I think I'm gonna count it. At least it's on my mind now, so I'll remember to check back in soon. After he releases 1. It is looking really promising and even now sway is still very usable.

I've always wanted to try my hand at making a window manager or what is now called a compositor I thinkso I may use wlroots as my base when it's done or at least more done. The article confused me a bit, is the goal to have wlroots 'done' for the 1. We're releasing sway 0.

wayland native terminal

It will be the final wlc-based release, and the final 0. The subsequent release, 1.According to the official website :. It's advisable to always update wlroots when you update swaydue to tight dependencies. You may also install swaylock and swayidle to lock your screen and set up an idle manager.

The default application launcher is dmenu and the default terminal emulator is alacritty. Before starting sway it is advisable to either install them or set a new launcher and terminal in the configuration. It is also possible to start sway as a systemd user service through the display manager.

Ldap3 methods

Also you can use text-based session manager, see Display manager Console. See sway 5 for information on the configuration. More details are available in xkeyboard-config 7 and sway-input 5.

Installing the program i3status is an easy way to get a practical, default statusline. All one has to do is add following snippet at the end of your sway config:. If you want to achieve colored output of i3status, you can adjust following part in the i3status configuration:.

In both examples, the system-wide installed configuration files has been copied over to the user directory and then modified. Since release 1. Its possible to tweak specific input device configurations. For example to enable tap-to-click and natural scolling for a touchpad, add an input block:. More documentation and options like acceleration profiles can be found in sway-input 5. Set your displays scale factor with the output command in your config file.

The scale factor can be fractional, but it is usually 2 for HiDPI screens. Special keys on your keyboard can be used to execute commands, for example to control your volume, your monitor brightness or your media player:.

To control brightness you can use brightnessctl or light. For a list of utilities to control brightness and color correction see Backlight. The following command will list the properties of all the open windows. You can search the output and create fine grained rules for your windows.

If a program crashes on start with the error message "cannot open display," it is likely that the program you are using is an X11 program. In order to use the Xwayland compatibility layer to run X11 programs under Wayland, it is necessary to install the xorg-server-xwayland package.

If you would like to disable Xwayland entirely and run a "pure" Wayland session, uninstall the xorg-server-xwayland package and set the following configuration option:.It is no longer being maintained. This article or section needs expansion. Put this code [2] in your shell profile file to set the variable if it isn't already set:. Mesa is an open source implementation of OpenGL as well as other graphic specifications.

A wayland equivalent is grim. You can install it by typing:. A wayland equivalent is wl-clipboard. It's possible to emulate an Xorg server with the xwayland library. Nonetheless there are native apps that can run through Wayland without it. From Void Linux Wiki. Reason: this needs more content to be actually useful. Note: Firefox ships with Wayland support. To enable it, set the following environment variable:. Warning: All of these browsers have major issues when running on Wayland segfault, weird display.

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This page was last edited on 28 Februaryat By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. It only takes a minute to sign up. Running Ubuntu I can explain some of what you are seeing. The following message is unusual but not fatal to Mir and suggests your graphics hardware is different to anything I've access to:.

How to debug Wayland problems

While Mir continues to work, it could well be that glmark2-wayland fails when it encounters the same thing. You will likely see better results on Ubuntu The problems you see with other incantations miral-app and miral-app -kiosk are due to the poor support for Wayland in They are not worth explaining here as they do not relate to the tutorial.

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